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Welcome to Vita-Pharm Private Clinic and Sport Medical Center! 

In operation since 1992, Vita-Pharm has been the first clinic in Hungary successfully combining the knowledge of Western medicine and traditional Eastern therapeutics with the help of excellent and well-recognized doctors and health specialists. In our private clinic institute we provide patient-centered and family friendly treatments for all our patients.


What we offer:  complex examination and treatment; comprehensive check-ups; customized anti-allergy, anti-stress and weight loosing programs; preventive treatments.

In addition, our state-of-art equipped dental facility welcomes adult and children patients alike. Our dentists work with the most advanced materials in bio-dentistry approaches, provide guarantee and immediate assistance should you need help in case of emergency. 

The computerized biofeed-back method enabled by modern technology allows us to detect and diagnose often hard to track disease states, therefore, we can begin with immediate therapeutic intervention before the appearance of severe symptoms and abnormalities.  


Our treatments need appointment in advance arranged by phone or e-mail. Should you need quick and immediate action, our clinic is at your service every weekday from 8 am. to 8 pm. 


Happy birthday, Vita-Pharm! 

We are glad to announce that this year we celebrate our 20th anniversary as one of the leading private clinics in Hungary. We have reinvented ourselves and created a user-friendly website to enable better contact and flow of information.


Subcribe to our brand new newsletter to see our birthday offers, new treatments and get to know our heath specialists.   

Eastern therapeutics

Western medicine


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